For over a decade, Troon Residential has approached development by combining environmental consciousness with devotion to aesthetics and modern convenience.

Our clean and modern design aesthetic results in homes that exude an air of effortless style and understated elegance. We use the finest quality materials and fixtures, and incorporate natural light into our designs to achieve highly livable and unique floor plans.

What sets Troon Residential apart from other residential developers is our unique ability to accomplish strict environmental standards without compromising design integrity. We believe that the details behind the walls are just as important as what one sees.

Healthy Living

We believe the home should enhance its occupants’ lifestyle and quality of life. Through thoughtful design and expertise, every home we build maximizes natural light, brings in highly filtered fresh air, and seamlessly integrates indoor/ outdoor living. We involve experts in the fields of building physics, critical waterproofing, and third party construction evaluation to assess each design decision to help our homes resist moisture build up and maintain our high standards for years to come.

Healthy Living picture.

Design Integrity

We pride ourselves on our proven ability to seamlessly integrate cutting edge green sustainability practices and technologies without compromising architectural integrity. Many of our management team members are trained designers and are involved in decision making throughout the construction process. This ensures that decisions made in the field are decided upon with a holistic project scope in mind. The integrity of the final design is never compromised due to any single unfavorable condition.

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We’ve rigorously adopted green building practices, including a focus on conservation of materials, energy and water efficiency, durability strategies, and air quality. We’ve built some of the highest rated homes in programs such as LEED® for Homes Platinum certification, Green Point Rated, Energy Star, and Indoor Energy Plus. In addition, we’ve recently begun engaging in Passive House Institute (PHIUS+) Certification Standards.

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Historic Preservation

We believe that by modernizing historic homes, we are able to maintain neighborhoods and enhance the quality and durability of notable architecture for many years to come. By upgrading structural integrity and modern functionality of homes built as early as the nineteenth and more typically early twentieth century, we preserve a part of a city’s history and allow a new generation to appreciate and experience their city as it was originally intended.

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Troon Pacific, Inc. is proud to be a certified B Corps, a for profit company that has met rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.