A holistic approach to healthy living.

Healthy living is a priority of Troon Pacific. We strive to build a home that is not only beautiful and green, but one that is also a place to help enhance one’s quality of life. We do this by going beyond installing special materials and amenities – we implement building practices that consider each building’s unique physics. We work with industry leaders to engineer wall systems, integrate waterproofing techniques, and build shells to help reduce the risk of natural forces such as mold, radon, dust, off-gassing, and other unseen urban elements.

We strive to incorporate some or many of the following practices, technologies and amenities into our design and development projects:

  • Whole house MERV-13 filtered ventilation system
  • Maximizing natural light
  • Significantly improved seismic performance
  • Seamlessly integrated indoor/outdoor living
  • Whole-house water purification
  • Under-slab barriers to protect against radon and other harmful gas infiltration
  • Saunas, steam rooms, lap pools, home gyms, and many other “healthy wellbeing” features
  • Carbon monoxide alarms
  • Low VOC paints and adhesives
  • No added urea-formaldehyde engineered wood products
  • Hard flooring surfaces like marble, limestone, and wood
  • Cleanliness amenities such as shoe cabinets and whole house vacuum systems


It’s about seamless, natural living.

Thoughtful architecture and interior design help create a calming atmosphere of understated luxury and peaceful living. Natural light is typically incorporated throughout Troon homes, and picturesque views are carefully considered from every vantage point.

We integrate hidden amenities in order to elevate the occupants’ quality of living beyond what was previously imaginable. These touches may include:

  • Radiant floors with segregated zones
  • Sound attenuation between rooms
  • Engineered window and wall insulation
  • Acoustic clay around water and drain lines
  • Heat and/or Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems (HRV/ERV)
  • Passive and active ventilation to balance the environment


Luxury living with environmental integrity.

Feeling good about a home is just as important as feeling good inside a home. To ensure this, it’s important to invest in environmentally sound solutions in order to mitigate long-term conservation issues.

Our environmental solutions may include some or many of the following:

  • Rain water harvesting
  • Wood framing and sheathing from certified sustainable forests
  • Solar electric and hot water systems
  • Water efficient landscaping and controls
  • EnergyStar appliances
  • Consciously produced construction materials
  • Water saving fixtures

We draw on a broad range of expertise that often involves a highly accredited design team. They include specialists in building science, permaculture, civil and mechanical engineering, building and landscape architecture, Passive House and LEED consultants, HERS and GreenPoint raters, hygrothermal analysts, and those with experience working with WaterSense and EnergyStar.


Modern convenience at the touch of a fingertip.

Our design team strives to implement technology that improves efficiency and enhances a homeowner’s experience. Technology is an investment that can contribute to a sense of security and an overall peace of mind by simplifying life and improving a home’s performance.

Our seamless and simple technology capabilities include some or many of the following:

  • Automated lighting and AV systems
  • Biometric security
  • Mobile operation of home automation via handheld devices
  • Whole house control panel for A/V, security, climate, cameras, and lighting
  • Stealth technology including vanishing TV’s and invisible speakers in ceilings, glass panels, and gardens
  • Car vaults that lower a car into the ground for storage
  • Electronic and/or passive water leak detection
  • Backup power

One can easily dim the lights and select the perfect music at the single touch of a button. It’s not uncommon to have kitchen drawers that one can open with a single tap or to incorporate ventilation systems within shoe cabinets. We’re continually reinventing ourselves to keep building the most innovative homes imaginable.


Effortlessly chic, timelessly modern, and exquisitely finished.

We deliver contemporary living at its finest, environmental responsibility at its most innovative, and sophisticated design at its most livable. We bring luxurious appointments, advanced technology, and sustainable building practices together in a rare fusion of beauty, livability, and eco-sensitivity.

Delivering a modern, functional, technologically-advanced green home without compromising architectural integrity requires a skilled and intuitive approach to design; an approach that can also seamlessly assimilate architectural design, landscape design, interior design, and governmental restrictions and limitations. This approach is our bread and butter and we take it extremely seriously.

We strive for open plan living areas that are flooded with natural light, and spaces that adapt to both casual evenings and formal entertaining. Attention to detail is never left behind.